Zoom/TPU – Interior Design from Istanbul, Prestel

Zoom/TPU – Interior Design from Istanbul, Prestel

In his first monograph on the award winning Istanbul-based architecture and design firm Zoom/TPU, author Philip Jodidio investigates the designers’ holistic approach, from their interpretation of client requirements to their material and formal vocabulary that creates the firm’s trademark contemporary ‘seamless’ feel.

Ranging from hospitals to private houses, retail spaces to corporate offices, Zoom's projects are renowned for their elegant, sophisticated designs that combine the latest technology with an inviting ambience. The book design reflects these themes with its graceful layout, black and gold divider pages and floor plans reproduced like golden jewels.

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Architectural and interior design firm Zoom/TPU was founded by Atilla Kuzu and Levent Çirpici in 1994 and has made a name for itself with futuristic interiors for hospitals, housing, hotels and office buildings. Architectural critic Philip Jodidio observes that “the success of Zoom/TPU in the hospital design field in Turkey has been such that they may well have done away with the very image of the ‘old-fashioned’ hospital.”

The name Zoom/TPU actually offers an insight into the company’s design process: ‘zooming in’ on details of their work ranging from construction plans to custom-designed furniture. TPU stands for ‘Tasarim Proje Uygulama’ Turkish for ‘Design Project Implementation’ – an indication that the designers see through their projects from the initial sketches right down to the smallest details of material, form and construction.