Caryaa Website

Caryaa Website

It is the task of the Caryaa website to elevate this rather special valet parking service above the myriad offerings you might encounter at the airport.

The site takes visitors onto a journey through the Caryaa world – a specially illustrated map that allows you to trace every step on the way from home to the airport lounge and back again.

Not only does this make it easy to understand all the facets of the service, it also creates a series of iconic illustrations that can be used to tell the Caryaa story through the various communication channels.

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Caryaa's valet parking service addresses all the nagging questions that linger in the traveller's mind once you have handed over the keys of their car to the parking attendant.

A web app enables the driver to monitor data like speed, acceleration, exact location, temperature and humidity thanks to a specially developed Whitebox that is installed in the car while the car is being looked after by Caryaa.

You can even keep an eye on your treasure from the edge of the holiday swimming pool sipping an ice-cold Caipirinha safe in the knowledge that upon your return your car will already be waiting for you.