Vertixx Brochure

Vertixx Brochure

The Vertixx brochure is the Swiss army knife of corporate literature. It has been designed as the final step of a campaign targeting 500 consumer electronics companies in Germany. Following an initial direct mail approach, personal meetings with the decision makers were organised. At the end of these meetings the client would be handed the Vertixx brochure – a kit of parts that would not only further the understanding of the offer, but also distribute the tools to guide the client's internal decision making process. The package contains a piece of literature summarising the basics of the offer. In addition, there is a USB stick with a more in-depth screen presentation the client had just been given by the Vertixx representative. The presentation could then be used internally to get all relevant parties on board – a neat way of Vertixx extending its influence on the client's decision making process.

Client information


Vertixx started as a project initiated by Vivento, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. The company trades electronics and white goods that cannot be sold through the traditional distribution of the manufacturer.