Vertixx Direct Mail Campaign

Vertixx Direct Mail Campaign

The direct mail campaign for electronics reseller Vertixx targets 500 consumer electronics companies in Germany who might want to extend the useful life of some of their less popular products. The mailing is a series of X-rays in an envelope you would normally expect from your radiologist. Rather than showing fractured limbs, they depict perfectly working products overlaid with graphs that explain how these can be turned into cash. The X-ray visuals circumvent the problem of showing a single manufacturer's product. Instead, they illustrate the product categories Vertixx is focusing on. Advertisements in business-to-business publications sporting the same motifs increase the reach of the campaign.

Client information


Vertixx started as a project initiated by Vivento, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. The company trades electronics and white goods that cannot be sold through the traditional distribution of the manufacturer.