Zal Telecomunicazioni Identity

Zal Telecomunicazioni Identity

The Zal promise plays with the accepted notion of a miserable experience when dealing with the telecommunications industry – and takes a different route. 

"Telecommunication is changing colour" hints at a much improved and refreshingly simple service. Together with the Zal name, there is no doubt that a brighter future awaits telecoms customers in the Emilia-Romagna region. Zal means yellow in Romagnolo, the local dialect.

The Thomas Manss & Company developed name has inspired an identity that is as simple as it is effective: every application sports the same freshly painted, eye-popping, yellow look. In an unusual twist, the company's speech bubble logo only ever appears in black and white.

Client information

Zal Telecomunicazioni

Zal is an Italian telecommunication company with a difference: not only does it offer simple and transparent price plans, the firm also does away with call centres and automated voices that take you through a litany of menu choices with endless numbers to press.

Zal is based in Forlì and focuses its efforts on customers in the surrounding Emilia-Romagna region. So proud is the company of its origins, that even its name has local roots, Zal is Romagnolo dialect and means 'yellow'.