Ron King, The Looking Book, Circle Press

Ron King, The Looking Book, Circle Press

The Looking Book celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the Circle Press and coincided with a major retrospective called “Through the Looking Book” at the National Theatre. Like many of the limited edition artists’ books published by this private press, its use of quality papers, paper sculpture and original embossed illustrations by founder and artist Ron King, make it an object of beauty in its own right. The Looking Book presents a history of the press and eight projects by King and other Circle Press artists and poets.

The design reflects King’s brief that this book should have its own unique personality and be much more than a documentation of existing projects. Different papers are used to identify the sections of the book – recycled, uncoated stock for the essay on the history of Circle Press, and a silk matt cream coated stock for the section featuring the most important projects. Two original pieces by King have been included – the embossed illustration on the jacket cover and a pop-up section in the middle of the book.

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Circle Press

Circle Press was founded by Ron King in 1967. For over thirty years, the Press has had an influence on other artists working with books. The name Circle Press was chosen to suggest a group of like-minded people working within a shared, supportive framework, a circle which over the period of time has enlarged to include over 100 artists and poets.

The press which was originally based in Guildford, moved to London in 1988 and has always been managed by the artists themselves from production to sales and distribution. Its work is represented in most major library, graphic art and fine art museum collections across the world.