Vivité Monogram

Vivité Monogram

The Vivité mark is a prime example of how a designer's mind works. Rigorous analysis of the company's health passport offer suggests that the medical aspect has to be at the heart of its visual communication.

The medical connotation is created by a slab serif initial that lets you see a cross which is not even there. The discovery adds a little magic that might raise a smile and ensures that the mark will not be forgotten.

Client information


Vivité is a web based health document for people who wish to have access to their medical history wherever they are and whenever they need to.

It is Vivité's aim for every person to have their own personal health passport, that contains all relevant medical data, is updated with every check-up and results in an individual health profile that is stored securely online.

The profile is created and continuously maintained by Vivité's medical team and is accessible globally.