Germany + Brazil 2013-2014 Website

Germany + Brazil 2013-2014 Website

After German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle presented the identity for the German year in Brazil in February 2012 in São Paulo, celebrations got under way in May 2013 with the formal launch by the presidents of the partner nations Joachim Gauck and Dilma Rousseff.
To coincide with the event, Thomas Manss & Company developed a website that forms the hub for all information regarding the numerous events taking place during the year. Unlike most sites of this type, the visitor is not greeted with a barrage of promotional information. Instead, the homepage is dedicated to a diary of forthcoming events neatly divided into colour-coded categories such as politics, economics, culture, science or sports. Searchable by event category, date or location, the diary is available on desktop computers, tablets or smartphones, thanks to its responsive design – a triumph of information design over promotional entertainment if ever there was one.

Client information

The German Federal Foreign Office

The German Federal Foreign Office is responsible for the country's foreign politics and represents Germany’s interests globally.  With 2,200 staff at its headquarters in the capital Berlin and a network of 229 missions abroad, the Foreign Office maintains relations with other countries and international organisations. 

The federal agency aims to communicate a positive, up-do-date image of Germany through its embassies and consulates-general and works closely with partners including business associations, unions as well as humanitarian and human rights organisations.

Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. (BDI)

The BDI is the confederation of German industry and acts as the voice of German enterprises competing globally. With its extensive network in Germany, Europe and all important international markets, the BDI represents the political interests of its members and helps opening up new markets. In addition, the organisation offers advice on economic, political and various other industry related topics.

The BDI represents 38 industry associations and 100000 Companies with more than 8 million employees.

German Science and Innovation Centre São Paulo

To encourage the exchange with international partners, the German Foreign Office and the German Ministry of Education and Research have established German Houses of Science and Innovation (DWIHs) in five countries. 

The centres in Tokyo, New Dehli, Moscow, New York, and São Paulo serve as platforms to stimulate research cooperations and innovation projects between German universities, research institutions, innovation agencies and their partners in the host countries.

 Central to establishing future collaborations between German and Brazilian institutions is a year long celebration of innovation, technology and sustainability masterminded by the German Science and Innovation Centre São Paulo.