Germany + Brazil 2013-2014 Symbol

Germany + Brazil 2013-2014 Symbol

Cultures around the world have been using ribbons for innumerable festive, ornamental and symbolic purposes. When Germany and Brazil organised a year of festivities surrounding innovation, sustainability and culture, it was the task of the mark to unite events as divers as the Oktoberfest in São Paulo and a conference on sustainable waste management.

The ribbon not only sports the national colours of both countries it also forms a dancing star at its centre – a nod to the Brazilian way of celebrating the joint future of the two partner nations.

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German Science and Innovation Centre São Paulo

To encourage the exchange with international partners, the German Foreign Office and the German Ministry of Education and Research have established German Houses of Science and Innovation (DWIHs) in five countries. 

The centres in Tokyo, New Dehli, Moscow, New York, and São Paulo serve as platforms to stimulate research cooperations and innovation projects between German universities, research institutions, innovation agencies and their partners in the host countries.

 Central to establishing future collaborations between German and Brazilian institutions is a year long celebration of innovation, technology and sustainability masterminded by the German Science and Innovation Centre São Paulo.